Society guides us. We have multiple worlds that link one to another. We can be in

different places at the same time. There are worlds inside of a world. There are animals

and cars, oceans and tools. We have the ability to create. We have the ability to destroy.


Land Escapes consists of pictures that look somewhat surreal but real. Land Escapes is

exploring the possibility to create deep spaces with photography. The line between

nature and human made can sometimes surprise you.


I was walking through the Iandscapes, I was scared by the tiger and jumped. I didn't

realize that we have a window to the sea in our kitchen. I didn't see that our stairway

starts from the sand. I wondered what might be in those gift packages - would it be a

band playing inside or some magical picnic. The lighthouse guides me. The bunny is my

friend. I am not scared by it anymore.